Kellie Kowalski

VR Kids

A VR tech non-profit on a mission.

The Project

VR Kids brings therapeutic virtual reality to mobility impaired and hospital bound kids. The non-profit’s founder needed a solid design to education the public about his project, and allow parents to sign their child up for a session in their Oculus Rift.

The Solution

When describing the project and mission with me, founder RJ Sampson showed me video footage of kids using the Rift and marveling at their virtual environment. This footage was powerful, and was the single best way to convey VR Kids’ purpose. It'll hit you right in the feels.

Sometimes it's best to show, not tell.

Mockup of VR Kids homepage on laptop and mobile

The site needed areas to showcase the video, and I also oped for a video background header showing the VR world or kids’ reactions, that would fallback to an image in small screens and older browsers.

Since VR Kids’ product contains a colorful and cheerful cast, as well as a solid print design standard in place, the website needed to reflect those values. I used bold background colors for callout sections, and gave each nav item a different hover color, to tie in with the logo (and to have a little fun).

Inner page mockup

The project also entailed documenting the front-end code for RJ, who is an accomplished back-end developer, so he could update going forward without having to bother with a CMS.

This project had a profound impact on me, and I’m proud to have played a small part in this amazing local non-profit.