Kellie Kowalski

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop

Modernizing an outdated experience.

The Project

Capriotti's is a nationwide sandwich chain, that's beloved by Vegas locals, having won "Best of Las Vegas" multiple years in a row. Unfortunately, their website didn't match their fantastic sandwiches. It was out of date, not responsive, and fragmented.

The Constraints

There were 2 main users that the new site needed to cater to. The first, and most obvious, was customers wanting to order food online. The other main user was potential franchisees. Under the old system, the franchise page was housed in a pair of subdomains, with most content behind a registration wall.

We needed to cater to both hungry customers in search of a sandwich, and franchise owners looking to add to their properties.

The Solution

With the updated design, we brightened their brand palette, which was a bit scattered in the print collateral, in order to highlight the great food photography. A main video header would highlight Capriotti's focus on premium ingredients, and act as a setup for the menu module right below. That featured menu module draws our first set of users into an order flow.

The home page also highlights successful franchise owners. Inner franchise pages further flesh out the details of owning a Capriotti's store.

We also folded in the old site's existing WordPress blog content, and gave legacy posts a relevant category. The content was useful for potential franchisees doing their research, so we wanted it to be easier to find.