Kellie Kowalski

Bitchcakes Bakery

A responsive email experiment.

The Project

My sister bakes. This is both awesome and horrible. It's awesome because she supplies me a fairly steady stream of pastries, and it's horrible for exactly the same reason.

We often talk about opening a bakery, despite knowing we'll never actually do it. It looks like pretty hard work, and neither of us wants to have to wake up early enough to run it.

So instead, we came up with a name for this hypothetical bakery, and I designed a logo and visual identity. Y’know, as you do.

Logo on image of dough kneaded with brass knuckles

I really hope you caught that mid-90’s pop culture reference.

It has since become my go-to project for experiments. The latest is a responsive email campaign with custom typography.

The Constraints

Because email clients still don't have anything approaching standards, email design tends to err on the side of the lowest common denominator. I wanted to play around with progressively enhancing the design.

Mockup of desktop and mobile email

The Solution

Email clients that allow styles in the head and @font-face, will get a responsive email with a font from Google Fonts. Those that don't gracefully degrade down to a similar sans-serif.