Kellie Kowalski

Altitude Color Technologies

Website for a print shop.

The Project

Altitude Color Technologies had an old website that the company’s owner had difficulty updating. They also wanted to better showcase their range of products and services, as many of their clients didn’t know the breadth of their expertise.

Customers would request a banner for their trade show booth, and only later would their account rep would find out they needed other booth graphics that had been printed elsewhere.

Altitude’s largest pain points were the inability for employees to help update the site’s content, and a lack of a way to educate their customers about their industry knowledge.

old home page
The old site was dated, and wasn't addressing their customers needs.
old printer page
It also spent most of it's content on printer specs, which their clients didn't understand.

After auditing the old site and taking stock of it's existing content, I found that most of it was industry jargon and image galleries.

We needed to replace that with information their customers were actually looking for, and give the image galleries context and discoverability.

The company’s branding was also split between and older darker color scheme, and a newer, lighter one. Their sales team had also been pursuing higher end clientele, and wanted to push for that segment as much as possible.

The Solution

I proposed a WordPress site, so that it would be A) easy to update the site content, and B) allow the company’s owner to set user permissions for various employee types. So an account manager could write and publish a blog post or add a new product, but a prepress tech could only edit that to add photo, and not publish.

This way, they could update on a regular basis and share their specialty’s knowledge with current and prospective customers.

I went with a lighter scheme, and a created more breathing room in between elements, to give it a similar feel to a high end ad. I also extended the brand palette for digital, since an overload of saturated reds and yellows can be harsh on screens, and runs counter to the look we were going for - professional and classy.

homepage mockup

The theme has 3 post types: the default post for blogging about the grand format print industry, a product post for describing the type of products the can create, and a services post type for discussing what their departments do, along with their processes.

One of the issues mentioned in kickoff was that customers were unaware of the many products that Altitude could produce for them. To solve this problem, each product or post can have a related product recommended in that post. So if someone is looking for a car magnet, they’d also be referred to vehicle wraps.

WordPress has a related post plugin, but I’ve found it to be hit or miss, and our categories on this project had a ton of overlap. So we utilized Advanced Custom Fields, and allowed a post author to hand-pick what the most appropriate product would be.

Product page mockup
The endless galleries were replaced with sortable, related products, which has images in each custom post.

The Result

The new site can start generating deeper traffic and more sales inquiries than before, and it's updated branding matches the cailbur of clients they are pursuing.